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Website Creation On An Apple Macintosh

Mac web design software covers a huge range of options Apple computer users can choose from: From the widely-used WordPress platform, to standalone OSX web applications for Pros like Adobe DreamWeaver for OSX. In between: Three of the most popular and affordable OSX programs for rapid Mac website prototyping and deployment on a Macintosh are RapidWeaver, SandVox, and Freeway Express.

Apple SEO Site Optimization : Keywords, Competition, Backlinks

Properly researching keywords in your niche - then crafting and optimizing your site headers and on-page elements is key - BEFORE you begin your site construction. No tool encompasses a more complete feature-set than Market Samurai For Mac. With currently 10 different modules in a single program; All aspects of niche, domain and keyword research, competitive analysis, content creation, monetization and more are rolled into a single cross-platform app that runs on Mac OX or Windows thanks to Adobe AIR technology. We consider this MUST HAVE for any Apple webmaster: The insights you'll gain from only 2 or 3 of it's modules alone makes it THE Mac SEO - SEM software worth paying for after the free trial. No contest - MarketSamurai transformed my affiliate marketing earnings, refined my keywords and helped me drive ever-higher traffic like no other SEO software for OSX.

Apple SEM Tools

Search Engine Marketing rollout is critical. Apple users can find a wide range of OSX SEM programs and link services to help with that task, as well as many Safari and FireFox friendly websites with online SEO tools and link checkers to assess on and off-page web metrics, backlink analysis and more - all from the comfort of their Apple MacBook laptop or Macintosh desktop system.

There are many Apple compatible SEO programs - Many of which are cross-platform friendly for Windows users as well. Some are Windows only, but for adventurous Apple web promoters - there's always the option of running Apple's BootCamp, VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop for certain Microsoft Windows SEO applications and site submission tools that just aren't available to OSX web masters.

Internet Marketing On A Macintosh

Once a site is built and optimized, the real work for any Apple website owner begins: SEM - Search Engine Marketing to get your site indexed - and then ranking for specific keywords to start sending traffic from the major search engines and beyond. Organic search traffic is Number 1 for any site. But it takes more to build a truly diversified backlink profile and range of traffic sources to make your website resilient to the up and down whims of the Big 3 search engines. Article Marketing using a Mac article spinner can help get a wide range of Anchor Text backlinks pointing to your site.

Backlinking Quick-Start: Sign up for a 25 credit Free Instant Backlinks trial at TextLinks.com to get new website links out on a range of Category related blogs. You'll usually find your content indexed within days after a few Blog posts, SideBar, Contextual or Comment links are in place. Also, sign up at SocialAdr for it's awesome Automated Social Bookmarking tool that gets other people to bookmark your content for you at dozens of Web 2.0 social sites.