Safari Web Extensions

When Apple added the ability of it's web browser to support extensions and addons, there was great hope by the web development community for some much needed SEO toolbars and whatnot to help with Search optimization, link analysis and social media sharing. Some developers came to market quickly with handy features Search Optimization Specialists longed for. Others have come and gone over time. There's some gems worth noting to help out with your SEO efforts.

Safari SEO Buttons

Most Safari SEO Extensions add a button to the top of the Safari window's main toolbar to the left of the URL address line. The arrangement and order of SEO buttons can be changed from the VIEW > CUSTOMISE TOOLBAR menu options.

Safari SEO Bookmarklet Scripts

Adding Social bookmarking and Sharing bookmarklets directly to your Bookmarks Toolbar in Safari is smart SEO. When viewing any web page you can simply click the bookmarklet script in the to be taken to either the social site itself, or open a pop-up window to share or post the content to others. Many social media sites will have a 'Bookmark This' bookmarklet button (usually in their 'Help' or 'Tools' section) that you can just drag from the web page Up And INTO your toolbar bookmark area for easy access.

Best SEO Toolbar For Safari

Although development has sadly stalled out on the Mac OSX version, SEO Quake puts a handy SEO Toolbar For Safari across the top left viewport of a visited webpage that shows (amongst many things) PageRank, Alexa Rank, WhoIs / Domain Registration / Age info, SEMRush Ranking Keyword Numbers, Google / Bing / Yahoo Indexed Page Count, Do-No/Follow Links, Backlink numbers and more. SEOQuake still works, even after multiple OSX updates through Lion, Mavericks, and now Yosemite updates. Some website themes, particularly scrolling and responsive ones may obscure or obliterate the visibility of the toolbar which is unfortunate.

Safari SEO Bar from Mobilio development is a simple and convenient Safari addon that adds another row to the browser's window and displays Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, # of Twitter Tweets, FaceBook page Likes, and Google+ Plus counts.

Mac FireFox SEO Extensions vs Apple Safari

Frankly, FireFox provides a musch broader selection of extensions and plug-ins than Apple Safari has. For some Mac SEO's, you may find toolbars, buttons and tools that are better for your needs for Firefox and are willing to change your OSX settings to make it your default web browser.

Google Chrome Mac SEO Add-Ons

Some Mac users opt to use Google's Chrome browser for OSX. But be aware, your usage data and behavior patterns are sending data to Google when you use it. Many website owners DELIBERATELY do not install Google Analytics code. They don't want Google to have that much insight into the what, when and where site visitors are coming from on their internet properties. To circumvent this, Google quite deliberately brought a web browser to market so that it could at least gather and correlate some site usage behavior data about users on domains where the webmaster hasn't installed Analytics code.