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Once a site is built and optimized, the real work for any Mac webmaster begins: SEM - Search Engine Marketing to get your site linked, crawled, and sending traffic from the major search engines and Web 2.0 sites. Organic search traffic is Number 1 for any site. But it takes more to build a truly diversified backlink profile and range of traffic sources to make your website utterly resilient to the up and down whims of the Big 3 search engines. These Firefox Mac and Safari friendly Search Marketing Services let you submit links, articles and place content from your Apple web browser with no special software to run.

Paid advertising on the internet isn't just limited to Google AdWords. There's many other opportunities for a Macintosh web site owner to strategically place and build backlinks on high-ranking and theme related sites of thier choosing. Goog may want you to think so, but there's nothing bad, wrong or illegal about buying advertising on the net: Advertising is Advertising using paid links, paid banner ads, or in-content link placement on high traffic blogs and websites.

Site and link QUALITY can make a real difference in the payoff for text link ads or banner placements. Some of the better web advertising opportunities and backlink building services let you specify, at the very least PageRank of sites for link placement and positioning.

Mac SEO Tip: The best link or banner placements are generally on the INDEX page - and are CONTEXTUAL ads that wrap your anchor text link in a bit of content. Contextual links within article and blog posts are very powerful when surrounded by keyword loaded content related to your niche. However many of these (like blog posts or featured articles) may not stay on the index page for long - and will lose some of their Page Rank and traffic generating power as they are archived off over time. Seek out buying permanent HOME PAGE links whenever possible.

Mac Backlink Building Quick-Start

Currently have websites up and live? Need some quick website traffic or a slow and steady boost? Try these affordable and free trials of link-building service for some Macintosh friendly backlink building services for online search engine and directory submission, blog posting and targeted contextual - sidebar - footer links on theme related blogs and on article directories.

Another terrific link builder that lets others BUILD LINKS FOR YOU is SocialAdr Automated Link Building. It can advertise your links under a large variety of individual accounts - immediately. There are low expense month-to-month link promotion bundles - or free links if you enter your account details for your various social bookmarking accounts and are willing to make credits. The even more you share various other's links, the more they'll share yours. A wonderful option for automated link-building that isn't constantly from your accounts promoting and tooting your very own links.

Various other Macintosh web browser friendly link placement choices worth exploring: PR1-5+ Text Links|Post Links|

These online site submission and advertising tools for Macintosh backlink building are Safari and Mac Firefox web browser friendly. They can help you start enhancing your website presence and keyword rankings quick! Paired with link-boosting services to enhance your backlink strength, this can be a fairly powerful mix. Some can also assist you start building links within minutes of entering your website information. Set these Apple friendly linkbuilding services to work while you continue your money keyword research, on-page optimizations, quality website content production and niche domination tasks.

Macintosh Directory Submitter Software?

I've yet to discover any automated directory site submission applications for Macintosh OS X. Its a shame due to the fact that it's a lot of manual work - and acceptance rates are commonly dissappointing for the effort invested. Outsourcing directory submits could be the very best use of your time and money. While not wonderful traffic drivers in and of themselves - Cheap Directory Submission services can be a cost effective way to diversify and 'backfill' for a more balanced link profile. You can provide alternate Descriptions and Titles to anchor your directory site links with to target a broader set of your top keywords, generic phrases, hard URL's and brand name variants.

Think QUALITY: You're better off with directory links ONLY FROM DIRECTORIES WITH REAL PAGERANK. We advise batch of, say, submits to 100 PR3+ directories, then note the sites that DO accept your listing. You can then use these for doing your own manual cost-free submits on various other internet sites you may have. The value of utilizing Directory Maximizer wisely here is three-fold: Revealing which ranked directories have high approval rates without requiring payment or any reciporical links. You can begin to quickly develop a varied back links profile that uses varied Anchor Text of your leading keywords. You also get DIRECT control over editing your website details on the first and succeeding sets, all from your web browser. Like many outsourcing gigs, DirectoryMaximixer ususally takes a couple of days to begin submitting your job but generally completes the submission within a week.

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Get High PR Backlinks On the Cheap : Quickly kickstart a new SEO campaign with low-cost, high-quality backlink package by starting with PR 4+ sites:

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After years of 'Hoping' and 'Praying' for a decent link from all my hit and miss manual link building efforts - I found a better way starting with these Free Instant Backlinks from TextLinks. Exploring these free credits can get you a diverse set of fairly permanent links anchored on blogs with your top keywords in a variety of formats: SideBar, Contextual, Footer, and Comment links. There's also an execllent (and highly recommended) option to post 100+ word 'mini' Articles with up to THREE of your anchored URL's embedded. A Mac web browser is all you need to create links, prepare mini articles (We recommend you spin the articles using a Mac spinner like SpinRewriter), preview blogs on the network and place live, verifiable posts links INSTANTLY. Few other services offer this literally real-time placement of links with every aspect under your control.

With monthly plans, or Per-Credit purchases -- you can explore and leverage TextLinks huge blog network at your pace. The links are typically permanent - but if a blog is removed from their network - your credits are RETURNED to your account for other placements. With dozens and dozens of Categories and hundreds of blogs you can target the right themes and niches for optimized link and article placement. TIP: If you explore the network thoroughly you'll find sites with PageRank of 2, 3 or 4. Note these for future link placements, and build backlinks to those links to help raise your own sites authority.

TIP: Building your own backlinks to posted articles on the above services is SMART SEO. Extra backlinks to your backlinks using quick social bookmarking automation tools like SocialAdr, IMAutomator, SocialMonkee, OnlyWire and others gives your content a better chance of getting indexed and your sites a competitive edge in rankings.

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If you have a decent advertising advertising budget and are willing to invest in monthly link placements with KNOWN PageRank: lets you bypass hoping or guessing for a crappy PR0 link and lets you place links on nice-specific, high-PR sites with no guessing. Pricey but Powerful - especially if you opt for PR4, PR5, or PR6 Index page placements - all easily done from your Mac web broswer. Especially if your site is new, running these link 'ads' can really juice your site up the ranks quickly - while you continue back-filling with other link building efforts. has just started offering a superior text link anchored and wrapped WITHIN a 150 character snippet that search engines vastly prefer for context. Instead of a plain text link keyword, your site's link could appear in a sidebar like this:

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Internet Marketing On An Apple Computer

Mac webmasters were once at a disadvantage. But more and more SEO and Site Submission tools are cloud computing based services readily acessible from a Mac web browser, so the need for OSX specific programs is shrinking. Many of the more formal and professional SEO software packages like Market Samurai For Mac, SEO PowerSuite, and others now run on cross-platform Mac - Linux - Windows versions.