Best Website Creation Software For Mac OSX

Best Mac Website Design Programs

A Macintosh webmaster's toolbox needs Mac website creation - authoring - design software that lets you rapidly prototye and deploy a web site on OSX. While many website owner's opt for building sites up in the cloud on thier Hosting company using WordPress or something like Drupal or Joomla, Other's prefer building and keeping their site content and files stored on their Macintosh desktop or MacBook, and directly publishing up to their host by running a Mac website development program directly on their computer.

RapidWeaver - Affordable Website Creator For Mac OSX

This Mac Webmaster site was created in RealMac Software's RapidWeaver For Mac. Currently at Version 6, it's an affordable Mac web design application that offers a free trial - and allows the trial version to deploy up to a 3-page website. More than a dozen and a half bundled Themes are included, plus there's a HUGE market and ecosystem of third-party Themes and Plugins. This broad support for Rapidweaver make it an excellent Mac OSX software choice to build a web empire with.

A good selection of page types in RapidWeaver allows even the trial version of this affordable Mac web design software to build a rather well-rounded site with either HTML or Styled text pages, Photo gallery or Movie pages. The built in Blog page type is downright elegant and very easy to update and add posts. It offers customization of the RSS Feed settings, Ping sites, Blog Categories and Tags for a very powerful blogging platform. List price is $89 USD.

EverWeb Website Builder For Mac

Much like RapidWeaver in visual approach - but simpler and less capable - Rage Software's EverWeb is an elegant, approachable, and easy to use drag-n-drop visual site builder for Mac web novices. It offers a nice selection of themes that are mobile-friendly, several basic page types and a simple set of features. Additional functionality can be added by installing plugins which are available separately. For advanced users, many of these plugins simply add some rather essential features that OUGHT to be part of the core program. There's no built-in blogging functions whatsoever, limiting this app for many prospective web masters. Tough to recommend at it's $79.95 USD list price, it should sell for half that.

Pro Website Creation On A Mac - Dreamweaver

Need to pull out the Big Guns? Adobe Dreamweaver For Mac is the Professional's website creation tool of choice for good reason. Any good Mac Internet Marketer will earn enough from thier site(s) to cover the investment in this Pro authoring program.

FreeWay Express and Pro Site Builders For Mac

Another affordable option for building Mac websites quickly is Freeway 6 Express for Mac OSX. Really focusing on drag and drop simplicity without having to be a deep CSS or HTML code geek, it's a great option for Macintosh owner's who are more accustomed to modern page-layout programs. Here is a comparison chart at SoftPress of web authoring features of Sandvox an elegant website design app comparable to Rapid Weaver at around the same cost. There is support for additional themes / designs from 3rd party developers, but lacks the broad ecosystem of plug-ins and extensions that RapidWeaver enjoys.

Web-Host Based Site Creation

You don't necessarily need to run web authoring software on your Mac is you so choose. Many site creation apps live up in 'the cloud' on top hosting companies like: GoDaddy Hosting,, and - Any Mac running any OSX web browser can access these site building tools.

Literally millions of websites are built using site authoring applications that reside on your web host. Most notably the ubiquitious WordPress and it's appealing plethora of Plug-ins, add-ons, SEO optimizing modules and a wealth of online support and global community of users. If WordPress has an achille's heel, it's it's use of SQL to roll ALL of your sites content and posts into a big database that MUST get backed up properly. Very, very different than simply backing up a folder of your site HTML stored locally on your Mac's hard drive. Wordpress is just the tip of the iceberg. Hosting companies usually offer 1-Click installs of not only WordPress, but Joomla, Drupal, Concrete and many other web page creation apps, content management systems and web site builders.