Social Bookmarking On A Mac

Apple Social Bookmark Sharing

For a One-Two punch of link juice: SocialAdr submits to the best Social Bookmarking sites - and does it using other people's accounts in a way that's more 'organic' than many other link-building services. It's one thing to have your own Web 2.0 accounts and push your own links, but it's far better for links to be built from a broad variety of user accounts and not just yours. With the free member option, you configure and share your Web 2.0 accounts for other's bookmarks - and that earns you credits to share your own URL's on theirs. Free members simply log-in periodically, share a few links of thier choice from the Public queue - and get thier links shared in return. Since SocialAdr supports spintax in Titles and Descriptions, your links get built with varied text with each share.

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Several tiers of paid SocialAdr 'Lazy' accounts (from as little as $15 a month) lets you simply queue-up your boomkarks, and the 'Worker Bee' free members do all the work. You don't have to setup any new bookmarking accounts or configure any of your existings ones at all. Spintax support lets you set up highly diverse Titles and Descriptions for your URL's. Given that SocialAdr supports over 20 of the better bookmark sites out there (, StumbleUpon, FriendFeed,, JumpTags, Titter, Plurk, Diigo, WeHeartIt), it delivers Quality AND Qantity. Unlike other automated Social Bookmarking Services that submit your URL to x-number of sites at one once, SocialAdr leverages hundreds of users creating varied links to your URL dribbling out at random times! The power of COMMUNITY is what sets it apart. Highly recommeneded for any Macintosh webmaster with a handful of sites that need promotion.

Mac Backlink Automation And Indexing Tools

Several Mac friendly automated backlink building services exist for those who want to insure all their other link-building efforts pay off. Apple website owners with more than a few sites may find an investment in a browser-based backlinks to backlinks indexing service very worthwile. These subscription based services let you copy-paste or upload your sites backlink links for distribution across a wide range of bookmarking, realtime status sites, private blog networks and social media properties.

Another great little web-based Social Bookmark submitter for Macitnosh FireFox (via Plug-in) or Safari - - gives you spun backlinks to help diversify and target your top keywords for ranking. Its support for Spintax in the Titles, Description and Keywords that really makes SocialMonkee so powerful. Web-based access for your favorite Macitnosh browser - or - with an optional Macitnosh FireFox SEO toolbar plug-in, you can submit pages and posts from within FireFox's toolbar. Drip-Feed allows you to slowly dribble out submissions at a pace you choose. 25-submits-a-day free accounts, or paid 100-site-submission options exist. SocialMonkee's weakness is it only submits to a network of 3rd-Tier PLIGG bookmarking sites. As such it's better for driving specific money keyword anchor text Titles up the ranks, but far less potential for actual human traffic to your site than you might get from the Top-Tier bookmarking sites that millions use.

All-In-One Internet Marketing Automation On A Macitnosh

For a more diversified but limited mix of Pligg, Scuttle and Custom bookmarking sites: check out a free Macintosh browser friendly Bookmark submission tool at IMAutomator. There's a $3.00 a month option Apple web browser users will find worth exploring for some limited Social Bookmarking submissions to a subset of 15 Web 2.0 properties. Very helpful for getting new pages or Blog posts INDEXED quickly.

Far more powerful: A recurring $49/mo subscription plan from IMAutomator offers a much larger set of Social Bookmarking sites, RSS Feed submitter, Article distribution and Directory submitter -- all done as a web-based SAS 'Software As A Service'. It's computer platform neutral - and functions for PC or Macitnosh SEO tasks as well in Apple Safari as it does in Windows Internet Explorer on Windows. It shows the growing trend of SEO tools and software 'living up in the cloud' - and not programs running on your Macintosh hard drive. Of note: It's Article Submitter is the least painful way to enter and distribute coontent to 30-50 2nd-tier article sites. Spintax support for titles and content is not supported, an unfortunate omission. But for straight 'Just shove it out there' Mac friendly article distribution with a 2 link resource box - it's very simple to use.

Social Bookmarking On A Macitnosh - Benefits & Drawbacks

Social Bookmarking remains an important way to get visibility and traffic for your website - especially from Top-Tier sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Twitter, Jumptags and others. They help your sites participate in places that get crawled heavily and frequently for fresh content - and hopefully get OTHER REAL PEOPLE to visit, 'vote-up' and help promote your sites or posts FOR you.

Sadly, most of the top-tier Social Bookmark sites made their links NO-FOLLOW to the search engines, somewhat reducing thier SEO power. The top sites also tend to require rather "Catchy", "Link-Bait' sort of titles and descriptions to snag human interest in the flood of submissions they receive. You may find certain submissions drive a suprising amount of short-term traffic - while others just won't seem to stick or grab any attention.

Further down in the 2nd and 3rd tier bookmark sites (of which there are hundreds and thousands) - Many more are DO-FOLLOW to pass more link juice to your site. They also free you to write far more concise Titles anchoring very specific Top Money Keywords for your sites without having to necessarily vie for readers attention with catchy headlines. There's far less human traffic (other than other Windows and Apple webmasters) on these, but the value is in keyword targeting with anchored titles using Do-Follow links.

If you can automate - or outsource Social Bookmarking gigs to batches of 100-300 submits - you really can drive specific keyword phrases up the ranks of search results. With judicious use of these lower-quality submissions in bulk, you'll usually see your keywords rise up in SERPs in a week or three. Check out some of the Social Marketing gigs at for some low-cost $5 outsourcing opportunities in the Social Media category. The best gigs will let you spin or alternate titles slightly during the process so that your bulk submission can target several of your top keyword phrases - and not just blast out a single Title anchor.

Unlike other backlink building tactics, few of these ever yield anything more than a low-grade PR 0 link for those that factor Google PageRank into thier linkbuilding efforts. But they do add up: Using tools like Yahoo SiteExplorer, or Market Samurai For OSX and it's awesome SEO Competition / Backlink and Anchor Text analysis tools - you will see some links showing up. Some of these may hold well long-term. But do be aware, many bookmarking sites flush out old content if it doesn't get voted-up. Many prove to be rather short-lived - and weeks or months later - stop showing up in your backlink checks. It's just the nature of the beast. All the more reason to endlessly be creating new content, posts and pages -- and keep feeding their URL's into the services mentioned above to keep your link momentum and backlink diversification on a steady uptick.

Stand-alone Social Bookmarking Software for Mac OSX isn't available, though one option is running Windows via VMWare Fusion or Parallels where a program - Social BookMarking Demon might be used. However, given the number of web-hosted Social Bookmarking Services available for Apple Safari and Firefox web browsers, this might be unecessary.

Cloud-based Automated social bookmark submitter tools for Mac users points to the future of SEO software and the trend in general away from standalone applications running locally on a PC or Mac to do SEM - Search Engine Marketing.

Some of the free social bookmarking software tools online often have paid or subscription based models that offer advanced automatic social boomarking features - often to more sites. For Apple website owners with just a site or two, limited free bookmark submissions may be all thay need. Those who are using their Mac to Make Money Online - MMO with a larger number of sites are better served by paid bookmark site submitters to drive targeted money keywords up the ranks more efficiently.