Twitter And Social Media Marketing On A Mac

Apple Friendly Social Media Tools and Tips

RealTime Web Backlinks : Apple Twitter Submitter Quick-Start

Want to queue up some Tweets ahead of time and schedule them for Twitter later in the day? A free account at is a great way to start. This Safari SEO Extension installs in Safari 5+ and gives toolbar access to Tweet a snippet and URL of any page you're on - or submit and queue up Tweets and URL's of your choosing.

Need help getting RETWEETED? can help boost your Twitter reputation and share your content.

DEAD SERIOUS about Twitter? Have Multiple accounts? - Tweet Adder is simply the best Mac Twitter tool out there. Try it free, but it ain't cheap to unlock for full, multi-account use. If time and Twitter mean money to your SEO efforts, the investment in TweetAdder will pay off quick enough.

Twitter Marketing Automation On A Mac

Look no further than Twitter itself for Twitter Tweet & Follow Buttons and Widgets to add to your own web pages whichever Mac website authoring program you use. Encouraging other's to Tweet your hard work is smart SEO. Give them every opportunity to make you Famous - or a Millionaire!

Mac Compatible Twitter Exchanges

Some Apple friendly Tweet Services and Twitter Exchanges can also be used to help remotely promote your links:

Share and Be Shared In Return :
Need more ReTweets? I recommend AdRetweet Exchange
Get others randomly Tweeting for you: SocialAdr

Tweet Tracking and Twitter Backlink Checking ala Mac

There's some great Twitter Reputation and Tweet activity tools you can check on the web with Safari or Firefox: shows your recent Tiwtter activity captures Tweets, Web activity and Reputation all across the net! - - and more...

Social Bookmarking That Tweets

There's a growing number of Social Bookmarking sites, Who-Is Lookup Tools and Link Building Services that incorporate Twitter posts as part of your submission. This provides a great Double-Whammy boost to your Mac internet marketing efforts. When you submit a bookmark - or do a site lookup in Safari or FireFox, these services also Tweet your URL in the background through their Twitter accounts.

Like many Mac website owners, far too often we have to toot our own horn and whore our own links through our own accounts. Many of us even have several Persona's and Identities across the web using multiple accounts to broaden our internet 'footprint' and appear more popular. Sites like these automagically get your links out into the stream of the Hot and Now internet activity - using SOMEBODY ELSE'S accounts - either instantly, or within a few minutes of submission:

Apple website owners who want to maximize their SEO efforts and drive traffic make the most of both traditional internet marketing venues - and realtime Social Media opportunities to share content and links, build a web reputation, and interact with site visitors and customers.

SMO - Social Media Optimization is increasing in importance as a slice of the SEO pie - and something Mac webmasters need to tune into to get - and keep - thier websites at the top of search results.

RSS Twitter Automation - Sends recent blog posts from your RSS feed to Twitter and multiple services!